Getting Parade Ready - 5 Essential St Patrick's Day Accessories

Getting Parade Ready - 5 Essential St Patrick's Day Accessories

Getting Parade Ready - 5 Essential St Patrick's Day Accessories

We settle into the dull January after all the excitement and fun of Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and New Year. Then, we roll into February with Valentine’s Day and before we know it, its March! And what a welcome relief it is... with St. Patrick’s Day, Spring Break and Easter.

When March 17th arrives, everyone is a little Irish regardless of their heritage. This is because, at the bare minimum, all have to do is where something green. Not you though... you're not like everyone else... that's why your shop at St. Pattrick's Day Clothing!

If you want to organize a St. Patrick’s Day party or just get ready for the parade, you should plan ahead and think about the accessories, decorations and other essentials for holiday fun. Whether you want to go on the bare minimum route or the full party mode, we suggest some of the must-have accessories to make this celebration a grand day.

Party Decorations

A bunch of festive balloons is a must to complete any party. Green LED balloons not only look festive but also add the required light to the occasion. You can use these balloons to decorate the party according to your creativity. Use these lighting balloons to decorate your entranceway or create a unique Leprechaun trap.

LED balloons are one of the most essential accessories to decorate for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Another great way to light up your festivities on March 17 is with whimsical strands of shamrock string lights featuring shamrock shapes and green bulbs to decorate your home in the holiday spirit.

They are ideal for indoor decoration and give you the lights you need to create a fun atmosphere. You can use these lights to hang across the buffet table, entrance hallway or front of the bar to greet and impress the guests.

Bracelets and Necklaces

Green necklaces and bracelets add a fun pop of color to your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. These accessories are also suitable for party favors and gifts. You can either use these glow accessories in green to style yourself for the parade or use as fun gifts for the St. Patrick’s Day party.

You can even choose beaded gemstone bracelets to represent luck this March 17. Wear these pieces alone or stack them with other jewelry to suit your style. You can even add whistles and shot glasses to your beaded necklace to complete your party look for the St. Patrick’s Day.

Fashion Accessories

Another fun way to prepare for a wild and wacky St. Patrick’s Day celebration is with a Leprechaun hat to wear at the parade. Whether you go with a mini or oversize option, these hats capture the celebration. Opt for a bandana tied around your neck for a lucky Leprechaun look, or greet the guests in a green shamrock derby hat. Complement your elegant style with a glittery top hat or go casual with a baseball cap in green. 

Festive green bandanas are everybody’s favorite and fun way to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day. You can even use these bandanas to tie on a belt loop or as an armband to show your Irish pride in a simple way. 

Get a vibrant green leather shoulder bag to stand out from the crowd or a chic tote in green to make an exciting companion wherever you go. Y

Green Confetti Cannons

One of the most festive accessories to include in the party essentials, confetti cannons are great ways to get the crowd dancing for a group photo. Green colored cannons not only make the celebration magical and fun but also add the theme color for your St. Patrick’s Day party. Confetti cannons are available in a variety of sizes and brands to choose from and a must-have for any holiday party.

St. Patrick’s Day Tees

Whether you are attending a parade, throwing a party or just want to show off your love for green at work, you can choose one of our fun and cool St. Patrick’s Day T-shirts. With funny and thoughtful graphics and slogans, our tees get you in the mood... as well as everyone else, for the holiday.

St. Patrick's Day Clothing t-shirts offer the perfect way to let your inner Irish self out. You can even get a bunch of tees for your group of friends for when you attend a local parade. 

We hope this guide to essential St. Patrick’s Day Accessories help you get ready for the holiday parade!